Cupcakes are available as cupcake towers for weddings/celebrations, in gift boxes (multiples of 6) or as larger orders for celebrations/events from £2.25 per cupcake dependent on design.

Classic buttercream swirl cupcakes:

Box of 6/12 - £12/£24

Deluxe cupcakes with toppings:

Box of 6/12 - £15/£30

Assorted floral cupcakes:

Box of 6/12 - £15/£30

Rose cupcakes:

Box of 6/12 - £12.50/£25

birthday box



6 x floral cupcakes (any flavour/colour)

6 x blondie squares (any flavour)

5 x chocolate strawberries

Cupcakes with fondant toppers or alternative buttercream designs priced upon ordering

See more cupcake photos here

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